Friday, October 21, 2016

Daughters of Death

The day has finally come!

Today I announce the release for DAUGHTERS OF DEATH on 11/14/16, available only on Amazon. This book has been a long time in the making, and it is with great pride that I make this announcement.

It hasn't been easy, though. I started writing this story in the summer of 2014, and through setbacks, creative dry spells, and the scheduling demands of being a working father of three, it has taken much longer than I anticipated. I finished the first draft back in March this year, and have spent the last seven months editing, formatting, and commissioning some stunning artwork. In fact, here it is!

But what, you ask, is Daughters of Death about? Below is the official blurb. But if you have not yet read Sons of Sludge, I suggest you avert your eyes, lest spoilers befall you:

"In Zaul’s mind, the game is over. After giving himself up to the APA, his true identity now lays bare before the walls of the nation’s largest Hybrid Reanimate facility, where he will rot for the rest of his undead days under the watch of cruel containment officers. No more disguises, no more deceptions, no more pretending to be human… And no future with the girl he loves.

But Genny cannot accept this new reality as easily. Compelled to repay his sacrifice, she searches for any way possible get Zaul out of the Facility, allying with both the living and the undead to make it happen. Zaul also forges unlikely friendships when he joins the Brains Club, a privileged group of higher-functioning containees who enjoy a better diet, recreational opportunities, contact with the opposite sex – and unsettling attention from the Assistant Director of the APA.

As Genny’s world unravels, Zaul’s becomes stranger. But only one constant is guaranteed: Caesar Ortega is hell-bent on destroying them both. When death and temptation are around every corner, can you keep who you were alive?"

This story picks up right where Sons of Sludge left off, so don't worry - your nagging questions from the last book will be answered. And then met with all new ones.

And if you can't wait for 11/14/16 to sink your teeth into some more Hybrid Reanimate mayhem, then I have something for you. By subscribing to my newsletter, you will get Zoo, a Sons of Sludge bonus short story, for the low price of free. Ever wonder who would win in a fight between a ferocious feline and members of the undead? Read Zoo to find out.

I still have a few things to get done before 11/14/16 (have I mentioned that date yet?), but the train will be arriving on schedule. Thank you to all who have waited for the continuation of this story. Your patience will be rewarded soon!