While producing novels has been my focus since I began writing, I have also written a few young adult short stories, in a series I call 16 and Strange.

Time Stops

Thaddeus is like any other boy his age... actually, no he isn't. Not at all. Suffering from total locked-in syndrome, Thaddeus can't walk or talk or move at all, and relies totally on the care given by Miss Barker's Group Home for Disabled Youth. But there is one thing he has control over. One time of the day where he rules the house, and everyone else is frozen and helpless, completely unaware of the strange power Thaddeus possesses. What would you do, if you could get away with anything you wanted?

Time Stops has been selected for publication in the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of online literary journal Lunch Ticket. You can read the entire story here.

The Taxidermist's Daughter

Jo would want nothing more than to escape her dismal West Virginia life forever. Unfortunately, she can only get away now and then, by placing her left palm on animal skins in her father's taxidermy shop. Preferring to live life vicariously through the eyes of deceased beasts, Jo's strange ability puts her at odds with her abusive father, and in an impossible, heart-breaking situation.

Read it HERE!

Blast Radius

Iggy's idea of a good time was a few friends and a fat joint. But that all changed when his parents found out, and sent him to live with his strict Nana in a small Montana town. Alone, bored, and missing the good times, Iggy's actions set off a chain of events that bring him and his resentful younger brother into the jaws of danger. It is there he discovers his unusual power, one with both the power to save, and the power to destroy.
Read it HERE!

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