Thursday, May 10, 2012

Channelling The Sludge

I'm starting to feel like the Sons of Sludge is getting on track. I've recently broken the plot down into a more detailed outline, chapter by chapter, whereas before I only had Point A (beginning) and Point Z (ending) with a few vague events to occur in between. 

There will be about forty chapters of zombie-urge suppressing action/drama, starring Phase II Hybrid Reanimate Positive, Zaul Jarreux. What is a "Phase II Hybrid Reanimate Positive", you ask? You'll just have to wait until you read it, hopefully at the end of this year, or at the beginning of next year.

Or never. Maybe I'll scrap the whole project just weeks before its release - I haven't yet decided if I'm going to be a spoiled, finicky rock star about my "art" or not.

I'm on chapter 19, so I guess I'm about half way through the first draft. The longest draft. I'm shooting to finish this rough copy by the end of summer, take a couple months to edit it two or three times, and it should be good to go. Although I do feel the narrative is a little skimpy now, might need to take a little longer beefing up the paragraphs.

Whatever the case, the "Sons" are on their way.

In the news of currently available literature, Float has received a handful of hits on Amazon, and so far the readers have been pleased. What's that? You haven't ordered your copy yet?? You'd better hurry, there's only an infinite amount of digital copies left, so get it while supplies last!

What I really need, however, is some kick-ass customer reviews on Amazon for it. I've thought of composing some myself, under such clever anonymities as "Reginald Vuntermunz", "Luella Pottingtonhouserford," or "Osiah Jupton". But I guess some would consider that "unethical". Pff, whatever.

If you've read and enjoyed Float, are good at making sharp reviews, and don't mind spending a moment to help a noob author out, let me know. It would be much appreciated.

Osiah Jupton, signing off...

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