Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This Tuesday... (on or about)

On Tuesday May 8th, 2012 my debut novel Float will be available as an e-book through and For just $2.99. And...

It might even appear sooner.

The average turnaround times for e-books to appear on Amazon and Barnes & Noble after they are published are 24 hours and 48 hours, respectively. To make sure it will be ready on time, I will publish it at noon on Sunday for Barnes & Noble and noon on Monday for Amazon, which means it could show up anywhere within that time frame. So get your champagne ready.

And unless you've accidentally stumbled upon this blog, you're probably already a future fan, and are planning on reading Float anyway. In advance, THANK YOU!!!

But, it can't stop there. I need your help. This e-book is being self-published, so I don't have the luxury of a professional marketing team or high-powered publicist. But you know what works better than all of that?

YOU. You will be my marketing team, you will be my publicist. I'm relying on the power of word-of-mouth. Your mouth. If you read this book and enjoy it, if you connect with the characters, if you think it is worthy of widespread attention, then tell a friend. And tell them to tell their friends.

I know it is an eternal cliché, but it's true: The fans are what make it all possible. By myself, this book won't extend past my friends and family. I think it has greater potential than that. I hope you'll agree.

Once again, THANK YOU!!!

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