Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting To Know Your "Float" Characters, Pt. III


Name: Nathaniel Shaw
DOB: 09/22/1994
Instrument: Vocals
Beverage of Choice: Sweet Iced Tea
Favorite Band/Artist: Himself

Nathan is everything you'd expect from a rock lead singer: Talented, driven, stylish - and narcissistic. Fronting Skull Puppetry since shortly after its inception, he deemed founding guitarist Clyde unsuitable for the band, and dismissed him arbitrarily. But the position didn't stay open for long...

Almost overnight Nathan filled the slot with an axe-shredding brute named Lee, and now Skull Puppetry is on the road to local band stardom. The key to their success? A custom guitar that Nathan stripped of Clyde, a black Ibanez RG Prestige with inexplicable capabilities.

Soon Clyde will realize that his removal from Skull Puppetry wasn't as random as he thought, and the actions of mastermind Nathan will fuel a bitter rivalry between them. And in the world of Paranormal Music, a simple struggle between two high school bands can prove deadlier than anticipated.

Quote from the book: "We have a problem, Clyde. Skull Puppetry is going to win this competition, but you and your friends insist on getting in our way."

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