Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Guten Tag.
Xin Chào.

Hello. This is the first post of the first blog of the first Josiah Upton. EVER. 

I'm pretty sure I don't know what I'm doing, so please forgive any cyber-faux pas that I might commit.

Why am I blogging? Shameless self-promotion. I've written a book (pending publication), and I'm trying to create a little buzz before it becomes available, in physical form or otherwise. 

It's called Float, a young adult novel. It's about a high school junior who stumbles into the secret society of Paranormal Music, where musicians use special instruments to seduce, electrify, set things on fire, read minds, move at super human speeds. And, of course, Float.

I hope I'm diligent enough to make regular posts, I have a propensity to let things fall by the wayside. Check back here often for updates about my adventures in writing and publication, and when a copy of Float can be yours for a certain amount of human moneys. 

And, taking into account my ultra-noob status in the "Blogosphere", I welcome any tips or tricks to aid me in this new undertakings.

Until next time...

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