Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Have Written Nothing Today

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning I go to work. I spend Sunday at church and with the family, and Monday morning I watch my two boys, Teddy and Ozzy, solo.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning/afternoon is my time to get writing done, thanks in much part to my mother and mother-in-law alternately watching the boys while I do.

But today I have written nothing.

I'm currently 15,000 words into Sons of Sludge, my zombie novel. I love the story, but I only seem to write at half the rate I did Float. Mostly today I've been setting up this blog. I also seem to be getting this done rather slowly.

I feel like that a lot of times - it takes me much longer to do things than most people. Am I lazy, or incompetent? I remember putting together a cheap BBQ one time and it seemed like it took way longer than it should have. I want to say I take my time to ensure quality, double and triple and quadruple checking everything I do. I hope that's the case. I hope that pays off in my writing, in my blogging.

Maybe tonight I can make up for some lost time and do a little novel-sculpting. And kudos to my wife's patience, for all the things I do that take way longer than they should.

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