Thursday, April 12, 2012

Progress... and love for AMC.

Yesterday I was able to pen 2,200 words for the Sons. Yay, me.

A lot of the inspiration for this book is thanks to AMC, for their original series Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead... well, that's obvious - it's about zombies, and Sons of Sludge is a zombie book. One of my friends in the novel, Gordon, reminds me a little of TWD's Dale Horvath, the character played by Jeffrey DeMunn. Both are middle-aged, bearded, a bit portly. Both have wives who have died of cancer. When I picture Gordon, I often see Dale.

And then there's Breaking Bad. I love that show. One of my novel's characters is Caesar Ortega, who is very similar to Tuco Salamanca from seasons 1 & 2, portrayed by Raymond Cruz. If that show wasn't on TV, if Mr. Cruz wasn't an actor, then Caesar would cease to exist. In fact, if Sons of Sludge were ever adapted into a film, I could picture no one else to play the role.

I wonder what other characters I've conjured are just replicas of pre-existing people, real or fictional? What songs have I written, just a few notes different from my favorite Rammstein or Metallica songs?

Maybe I've never had a truly original idea. Maybe it's all just a rearrangement of the stimuli that has crept in through my eyes and ears during my short life. Hopefully, I at least do some creative rearranging.

I just hope someone else is creative enough to come up with something, something that will fill the Breaking Bad shaped hole in my heart when season 5 is over.

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