Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting To Know Your "Float" Characters, Pt. I


Name: Clyde Smitherson
DOB: 01/18/1995
Height: 6'3"
Instrument: Malcolm Martin "Zero-G" Electric Guitar
Favorite Band/Artist: Metallica

Clyde is the former guitarist for Skull Puppetry, the high school band he was kicked out of just days before his junior year began. When he's not coasting through class (or avoiding Skull Puppetry vocalist Nathan Shaw), he enjoys rocking out to his favorite bands and visiting his local guitar shop, Martin's Music.

Oh, and defying gravity.

Armed with a paranormal guitar that allows him to become weightless and walk on walls, Clyde recruits his brother and two friends to form a new band, with the kind of stage presence the world has never seen. Now all he has to do is beat the competition: Four other bands with  paranormal instruments, including the very band he was booted from in the first place. The payoff? Inking a contract with the world's only record company specializing in Paranormal Entertainment, and impressing his girlfriend, the impossibly beautiful Apollonia.

Let's just hope she doesn't freak when she finally discovers what his guitar can do.

Quote from the book: "This guitar, it does things, strange things. And you need to know that this is not witchcraft or devilry, or even magic, in the traditional sense. I'm not a demon or a wizard or mutant or anything like that. I'm just a normal kid, who was given an abnormal instrument."

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