Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting To Know Your "Float" Characters, Pt. V


Name: Malcolm Martin
DOB: 07/07/1939
Occupation: Martin's Music Owner/Operator
Favorite Band/Artist: Jimi Hendrix

Take a hippie rocker from the Psychedelic Sixties, fast forward 45 years, and you get Malcolm. Long past his days of playing guitar, he now devotes his time to running Martin's Music, Philburn's local musical instrument emporium. With no colleagues or family, the only friendly face in his life is young guitarist and former employee, Clyde Smitherson.

And because Malcolm seems lost and spacey at times, Clyde is especially surprised when he finds out what his mentor has really been up to - constructing a paranormal electric guitar that allows the player to float and walk on walls.

Once Clyde is gifted this musical anomaly he can't help but wonder how Malcolm made it, and more importantly, what he's supposed to do with it. All the old man asks is that Clyde keep it a secret, and under no circumstances bring it anywhere near Soundstone Records, much less use it in the company's upcoming battle-of-the-bands. But Clyde just can't help himself.

Not heeding Malcolm's warnings will prove unwise, and Clyde will learn just how ruthless Soundstone can be. After all, their company practices ruined Malcolm's life...

Quote from the book: "You didn't trust me before, when I told you to stay away from Soundstone. Now you're in over your head, and you want me to clean up your mess?"

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